MEET THE 2020-2022 BOARD

Arts, Parks & Recreation

Stephanie Myers-Cable

Stephanie Myers-Cable is a 13 year resident of Madisonville, musician, softball coach and mom of 3. Her love of the arts is something she is excited to share with the community. 

Business & Economic Development

Terri Henry

Terri Henry-Hayden is serving a dual role as both the current Chairperson of Business and Economic Development and the President of the Madisonville Business Chamber. The MBC was formed to aid Madisonville businesses and 501C(3)'s to connect and grow, promote and thrive.


Bishop Elmer Brown

Bishop Brown has an eye for detail and a passion for serving this community.  He works to ensure that the neighborhood governance is fair and just.

Cleanup & Beautification

Joan Willis

Joan Willis serves as both treasrer and commitee chair for CLeanup & Beautification.  She leads her commitee thru monthly neighborhood clean ups, garden restorations and coordinates the Madisonville Flower Pot program


Amanda Mahaffey

Amanda Mahaffey is a two year Madisonville resident and is in her first year as the chair of Communications.

She has a Bachelors of Arts in Communications from the University of Cincinnati and is very eager to use her skills to keep Madisonville residents informed about upcoming events!

Crime Prevention & Safety

Wende Cross

Wende Cross is in her third term as Crime and Safety Chair. Her legal expertise benefits our community as she works to keep our residents informed with tips and programming on both safety and crime prevention. Her favorite place in Madisonville is Millie's Restaurant! It is the best soul food in town and the best kept secret in Ohio.


Indi Ekanayake

Indi is excited to be back home in Cincinnati after spending time in Philadelphia and Seattle as a teacher and middle school dean. He currently works for Mayerson Academy as a social-emotional educator and is a passionate advocate for more equitable learning and mentoring opportunities for Madisonville's young and not-so-young residents. 


Janet Blank

Madisonville Historic Society member Janet Meckstroth-Blank is the current and longtime curator of the Madisonville Archives, working tirelessly to preserve the history of Madisonville.  Join her committee as it continues to share the story of Madisonville through the ages.


Tess Warner

Tess grew up in Cincinnati and has been a resident of Madisonville for the last eight years with her husband and two daughters. She is an elementary visual arts teacher with Cincinnati Public Schools. Tess is a passionate advocate for keeping Madisonville an inclusive family neighborhood where all residents have safe, accessible housing."

Madisonville Cares

Open Position

Toni is a 50 year resident of Madisonville and has spent her life focused on ensuring that our youth are exposed to the wealth of opportunities that the world has to offer. As a nurse and therapist she understands the need for a wholistic approach. She continues to look for committee members that share her passion to grow our Madisonville youth into well rounded productive members of our community. 


Melissa Wilkerson

Melissa is a 30+ year resident of Madisonville.  She has spent much of her life focused on community service and neighborhood growth.  She looks forward to increasing the membership and working with residents to plan fun and engaging events in the neighborhood.

Youth Council

Toni Tanks


Open Position

Have a passion for transportation? Do you enjoy helping neighbors navigate the transportation system? Help work to build insight and resources around the transportation system in Madisonville by becoming the Transportation Chair. Click the email link below and share your contact information.

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