Message From Our President

In the past two-year journey as your community council president, I have tasked our team to push the boundaries of how to support our neighborhood through this challenging time of development and neighborhood growth.   We have:


  • Supported our children with a $1000 scholarship to assist our JPP School 6th graders in achieving their goal to complete the Pathway to Freedom tour to Toronto Canada, promoted the 3rd graders Bottlecaps to Benches project throughout the community, and this school year we will be implementing  the Pedestrian Safety flag program at our major school zone crosswalks at John P. Parker School, Shroder High School, School of Rock and the Cincinnati Waldorf School.

  • Facilitated a series of Community Conversations to work toward community safety and reducing crime through focused efforts in conjunction with our CPD District Two Officers and Citizens on Patrol.

  • Worked with the Madisonville Business Chamber to promote new businesses and engage the community each year with “I      Madisonville” programming as well as the Madisonville Meetup events.

  • Successfully hosted two years of Bramble Park activation and family fun with the summer series Tuesdays at the Park in partnership with Artsville, the Madisonville CRC, MCURC, and Plant Cincinnati.

  • Mobilized neighborhood beautification with the highly anticipated Curb Appeal Awards after a two year hiatus and look forward to the 2020 Garden Tour.

It is my hope that 2020 will be a year of growth and increase to our membership as we continue to welcome new residents and new businesses to Madisonville Let us continue to build this amazing neighborhood, OUR Community, OUR Madisonville together!  I thank you for your support of Madisonville and I invite you to embrace our community through continued volunteer service, member support, and event participation. 

Our upcoming events include:

  • Cincinnati Housing Conversations Forum — February 1st

  • I      Madisonville – February 15th 

  • 3M Meetup (MCC, MCURC, MBC) — March TBD

  • Madisonville Business Chamber Mixer — April


With appreciation,  


Kate Botos

Madisonville Community Council President

2020-2022 Officers

Charlie Foster

Vice President


Susan Harper




Recording Secretary


Correspondence Secretary