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Neighborhood Support Fund Program

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The City of Cincinnati's Neighborhood Support Program (NSP) provides annual funding to Community Councils for neighborhood projects and activities. The NSP proposal process is normally open annually beginning in the month of September thru the following March.

What Can Funds Be Used For?
Each approved NSP proposal includes activities/projects designed for successful outcomes that positively impact the neighborhood or community overall. The Cincinnati City Council has determined that the following types of activities are in the best interest of the City and its citizens when carried out by Community Councils:
• Neighborhood Leadership Activities
• Communications
• Neighborhood Improvement Activities

• Educational Activities
• Neighborhood Development & Services
• Problem-Solving Projects

• Other projects or activities improving the quality of life/serve public needs that are consistent with the NSP Guidelines.

Examples of Successful NSP projects includes:
• Membership drives
• Newsletters
• Beautification and clean-up activities

• Summer employment or cultural activities for neighborhood youth
• Networking and training workshops for community leaders

NSP Proposal Review Process:
A Community Council’s NSP proposal must be approved by residents living within that neighborhood prior to making a
presentation to the NSP Review Committee. The NSP Review Committee is comprised of representatives from 9 Community Councils. Each Review Committee serves a 13-month term. Members of the committee serve as a peer review group for all NSP proposals. The purpose of the Review Committee is to review and vote for or against NSP proposals, recommend the issuance of contracts to communities by the City and provide input to the City relative to changes or enhancement of the program.

NSP Proposal Approval Summary:

  1. NSP proposals are initially presented during an open Community Council meeting allowing community residents or neighborhood businesses to vote on proposed activities/projects.

  2. After the City’s NSP Manager receives the approved proposal, the content is reviewed for eligibility. Once reviewed the proposal is scheduled to be presented before the NSP Review Committee.

  3. The proposal is presented to the Review Committee for vote and recommendation to the City for NSP funding.

  4. After approval by the Review Committee, the proposal is attached to the City’s NSP contract. The Review Committee date is the date of execution and Community Councils may begin incurring expenses for approved activities.

All ideas must be submitted no later than Monday, September 28, 2020.

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