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The Cincinnati Police Department liaison for our community is Officer Monique Martin.  Officer Martin provides a crime report and updates at the Madisonville Community Council meeting on the third Thursday of each month.  If you have a question or concern for Officer Martin, please email her at

Officer Martin provided the following reminders:

When you are out doing yard work - or outside your home for any reason -  please be aware of what doors you have unlocked.  While you are mowing the lawn in the backyard, someone could easily slip into the open front door or garage.

She also reminded us to be aware of our lawn tools and equipment.  You can step inside to get some water and come back to find your mower missing.  

Be mindful!


311Cincy is the City of Cincinnati's overall non-emergency, customer service system. This includes our 311 call center, online service request system, mobile app, and public alerting systems.

You can call 311 (within city limits) or 513-765-1212 (from anywhere) to receive help, 24/7, or:

You should call 311 if you need non-emergency help from any City service. Most service types can be requested online, and you can browse the list at However, some types of services (like the dispatch of a police or parking enforcement officer for something happening now) require a call with a 311 representative.

Here is a list of a few common reasons to call 311:

  • Police/fire department non-emergency requests

  • Report a pothole

  • Parking complaints

  • Noise complaints

  • Abandoned vehicles

  • Trash bin replacement

  • Bulky item pickup

  • Graffiti removal

  • Leaking hydrant or sewer problems

For more information CLICK HERE

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