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US Congressman Comes to Madisonville

Congressman Landsman met with Madisonville community members Saturday, April 27th.  The meeting was well attended, and people were able to ask questions about local concerns.  We appreciate the congressman spending time with us.  Thanks to Artsville for hosting.

Authors Wanted 

Are you an expert in an area of interest?

Do you enjoying sharing neighborhood news?

Here is your chance to share your view as an author in the next Madisonville Newsletter!

The Madisonville Community Council would like to give rebirth to the newsletter, but we need your help.  We welcome news and event coverage from our Madisonville community.  Submissions must be exclusive to our neighborhood and we ask that you keep the article under 500 words. We are not looking for article that appear in other news sources and will not accept anonymous or pseudonymous submissions. We consider only completed articles and do not provide guidance on ideas or proposals.


Countless factors will be considered when determining what is published including space constraints, accuracy, timeliness and relevance.  We do our best to read all submissions promptly and will contact you within one week if we are interested in publishing your article.


This form is the best way to submit your article. Please type or paste your article as plain text, not HTML, and please do not use brackets. Information relevant to your expertise, or additional authors, may be included in the comments field. Pictures of the event would be welcomed as long as they are of good quality (not blurry or too dark for example).

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