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10 Fabulous Local Hotels With Excellent Restaurants to Match

Tuesday, September 8 2020, 12:00PM EDT

Posted by Cincinnati Refined

PLACE: Overlook Kitchen + Bar at The Summit Hotel / ADDRESS: 5345 Medpace Way (Oakley) / Overlook Kitchen + Bar can be found on the fourth floor of The Summit, offering fresh and local cuisine for lunch and dinner as well as cocktails. The outdoor patio offers seating with scenic views. 


Madisonville's Bad Tom Smith Brewing Releases Black Is Beautiful Stout Collab In Support of Racial Equality

Tuesday, September 1 2020, 3:00PM EDT

Posted by CityBeat Staff

Bad Tom's iteration of the Black Is Beautiful beer is a roasted chocolate stout brewed with African Queen hops that comes in at 69 IBUs with a 6% ABV.


Madisonville's Bad Tom Smith Brewing has joined craft breweries across the nation in releasing a special Black Is Beautiful collaboration beer.

San Antonio, Texas' Weathered Souls Brewing Co. launched the initiative earlier this year to foster inclusion and raise awareness of social and racial injustice through collaboration with other U.S. craft breweries.

The brewery shared their base imperial stout recipe and encouraged brewers across the country to give it their own unique spin. They also provided free Black Is Beautiful label artwork, with space for individual logos.


“I’m a Black business owner and someone who has experienced police abuse,” Weathered Souls founder and head brewer Marcus Baskerville told CityBeat's sister paper, the San Antonio Current. “This experience happened in my early 20s, but that stuff lingers with you. Interactions with law enforcement change after an experience like that.”


Madisonville's Fleurish Grounds Garage-Turned-Plant Shop Is Getting a Brick-and-Mortar Storefront

Friday, August 14 2020, 3:00PM EDT

Posted by Olive Collins Niesz CityBeat

After zoning issues threatened to shut down Christine Funke's Madisonville garage-based plant shop, the city helped her find a permanent storefront, which should be open this September

The Fleurish Grounds brick and mortar plant shop in Madisonville might be one of the best things to have grown out of COVID-19 for owner Christine Funke.


When the wedding photographer found herself out of work and stuck at home this spring, she began putting her time and energy into her houseplants and realized, “I’m sure if I’m redecorating my house right now, everyone else is doing it, too,” she says.

With this thought, Funke took to Instagram and began to take her collection of potted plants to the next level, selling them — social distantly — out of her home.  

As COVID restrictions lifted and she saw a need for people to get out and shop around, Funke flipped her garage into a bright and clean pop-up storefront where customers could come browse and purchase the plants in person. “I said, ‘It’s literally just my garage and if you don’t think it’s weird, then come on by,’ and people really like it!” 


Cincinnati dessert shop serves over 100 different kinds of cheesecake cupcakes

Monday, March 2nd 2020, 9:05 am EDT

Posted by Emily Sanderson WLWT5


A new bakery is open in Madisonville and it's serving up over 100 different types of cheesecake.

The Cheesecakery is serving cheesecake cupcakes in a wide variety of flavors, like Oreo, Butterfinger, Blueberry Marble and Birthday Cake, to name a few.

They also serve up classics like Original, Chocolate Chip, Cherry and Strawberry.

Not a big cheesecake fan? They also have delicious, unique pastries like Fruit Loop bars, Apple Cinnamon Baby Loaf, Oreo Rice Crispy and Birthday Sprinkles Rice Krispy.

Fresh brewed coffee is also on tap, along with fresh pressed juices.

Cheesecake cupcakes are $3.50 each or $42 for a dozen and cheesecake pops are $2 each or $24 for a dozen.

For more information, visit

Distinguished cuts.JPG

Free back-to-school cuts: Madisonville barbershop keeps tradition going

Sunday, August 12th 2018, 9:46 pm EDT

Posted by FOX19 Digital Media Staff


The chairs inside Distinguished Cuts in Madisonville usually sit empty on a Sunday night -- but not this Sunday. Employees are busy prepping for Monday morning.

Usually closed on Mondays, the shop has opened for the past 10 years for one Monday to transform into a back-to-school headquarters for Madisonville families.


Here's how Madisonville will be reshaped in the coming years

Liz Engel | WCPO contributor

7:00 AM, Jun 25, 2018

8:12 PM, Jun 25, 2018

CINCINNATI -- The Greater Cincinnati Redevelopment Authority is showing its support for two new developments in Madisonville and will issue up to $120 million in bonds to help get them off the ground.

The GCRA, otherwise known as the port authority, will help finance an expansion at Medpace. It will also back the Madison and Whetsel redevelopment project, a project in the neighborhood's business district -- and one that's been decades in the making -- that could add more than 100 apartments for middle- to low-income residents.


Read Across Madisonville to teach kids, families the joy and power of reading

Paola Suro

4:30 AM, Apr 26, 2018

1:05 PM, Apr 26, 2018

CINCINNATI -- Fourth graders Kyndal Kelly and Amia Knight love burying their noses in book after book after book. 

"When I'm bored, I just pick up a book and read it and learn," Knight said.

She loves books about the weather. Kelly is more a fan of magic -- especially Harry Potter. They both agree, however, that reading is fundamental.

"Reading inspires people," Kelly said. "It inspires people to do what they normally wouldn't do. It could help them with things in their lives."

That's why the pair attends each month's Family Literacy Night at John P. Parker School. 


The new Summit Hotel in Madisonville

Polly Campbell

Published 2:18 p.m. ET April 19, 2018

The Summit Hotel in Madisonville opened to the public on April 17. The Wyndham-owned hotel reused a building that was once the NuTone door chime factory and later Medpace's rainbow parking garage. The space is full of art, modern architectural flourishes, including the round concrete pillars from the original building, a soaring atrium, and lots of room for meetings and conferences. 

It's on the Medpace campus, a mile from I-71.

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