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Crime & Safety Update

Good Evening Neighbors!

You are on my mind.  I hope and pray that you are well.  I know that we are in challenging times, but we are (Madisonville) strong and resilient.  I believe that we will get through this time together.

Tonight the Safety Committee held our monthly meeting via telephone conference.  District 2 Captain Jones participated and provided the following update:

Crime Stats

- In comparison with 2019's statistics, we have experienced in Madisonville a 50% decrease in violent crime offenses; and a 32% increase in property crime offenses.

- The stats regarding the property crime offenses are primarily due to the rash in burglaries we experienced this Fall/Winter, and from thefts from automobiles.

-The good news is:  a significant decrease in violent crimes in our neighborhood AND the suspects of the burglaries have been arrested!

Police Response to COVID19

- CPD is still responding to ALL crimes (the media misunderstood and reported misinformation).

- However, CPD has moved to a differential response plan.  This means that when they respond in person, citizens are asked to come out of their home to meet the police officer to make the report/witness statement.

- CPD is not responding to runs that do not require officer interaction (example: loud noise complaint, telephone harassment, etc).

- For the safety of officers and to flatten the COVID19 curve, CPD officers are riding solo and not double in police cars.

- Police roll calls are conducted outside and not inside their HQ buildings.

911 Operations

- 911 Operations still have full capabilities.  Operators have staggered shifts, but do not worry that your 911 call will not be answered.  It will.

Ohio's Shelter-in-Place Order

- Captain Jones reported that our city has experienced very little non-compliance.  For the most part, city residents are doing a good job of sheltering in place.

- CPD has had to take some enforcement action against non-complying businesses.  A local business was shut down and boarded up on the West side last week for non-compliance.

- Captain Jones encouraged anyone who may know of an incident of non-compliance with a business or citizen to report it to the police.  His email is:  Today, he had to instruct officers to investigate a basketball game in a park in Oakley, which violated the 6ft rule against congregating.

- CPD officers are on patrol making sure that businesses are complying with the Governor's and Mayor's orders.

Madisonville Cares Crisis Hotline

- Luke Brockmeier, our Chair of Madisonville Cares, has established a crisis line (513) 486-4535.

- Right now, the priority is on food access for Madisonville residents.  Additionally, they are asking for assistance in helping to identify other types of crisis that might be as acute.

- You may even report safety concerns (related to housing issues) that can be communicated to various government agencies for assistance.

Food Assistance

- Kathy Garrison reported that New Mission Missionary Baptist Church, 4809 Ravenna Street, will be distributing meals for pick up (boxed lunches, etc) on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 11:00am - 12:15pm.  Please spread the word to Madisonville families that may be in need of meals, especially since kids are out of school.

Safety Concern

- It has come to my attention that people, in an effort to be creative and build community, have created games for the children to play outside that includes looking in windows of neighbor's homes to find a posted objects, etc.  While this sounds like a very fun and creative way to spend time, I am asking every parent and neighbor to be mindful that this type of harmless game can lead to serious safety concerns.  First, it could lead to young people looking into neighbors' homes.  Given the rash of burglaries Madisonville has experienced and the fact that we are on high alert, this is not a safe practice.  Second and more importantly, this could lead to harm caused to the child out of fear from a neighbor that their home is being targeted.  Just something to be mindful of please.

I trust that this information and update is helpful to you.  Thank you for being engaged and supportive of our neighborhood.  I am proud to be a Madisonville resident and your neighbor.


Wende Cross

Safety Committee Chair

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